The Most Unconventional Tips To Cracking Telephonic Interview

Every Master was Once A Learner
Months on end of searching for a source of income, job or freelance, while working on a series of small projects, I stumbled across a few really neat hacks for social interactions, especially on the smarter-than-thou-phone.

And it so happened, a lot of job prospectus from the web, email, and self-discovered resume (which took 4 days to make, more on this sometime, maybe) caught a few eyes and got my number dialed (and at the most convenient hours with me in the most inconvenient conditions). And made the struggle really real!

Never did I mess up a call (pro tip: you are almost always out of network) but it took a while for the converted calls to become an offer. Mostly freelance, and finally, a job. The funny part is, I am working in the same industry now which I was trying to make work for myself, Recruitment.

(It's really hard to control the urge of hashtagging Throwback)

Am not boasting, Steve is though!
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Enough of small talks, let's get down to the point. After a lot of telephonic conversations, almost always manipulatively turned into an interview and further led on to personal interviews, here are my few cents (left) from it:

Padmasana: The Lotus Position of the Yogic Routine

Breath Deeply a Few Times and chill the f**k down.

Put your earpieces on and go. Keeping the back straight at all times will keep your head straight at all times, and what's important is, it's gonna bring a flow to your voice and fluency in communication because of easier breathing (or that's what I think, need to get peer reviews on this). Also, the position, while relaxing you, will also keep your attention and presence of mind up (cause us couch potatoes aren't used to straight backs)!

Keep in Check: Both the feet are above the thighs and you are mostly uncomfortable, now find comfort in this! That's how you keep up.

Washrooms and/or Kitchens: So That You Don't Faint!

Actually, this tip addresses a whole different problem but let's talk over the above for once. Since you are sitting in a (supposedly) relaxing position, once you have attained the apathy for your discomfort, you may as well start to drowse. Take a dose of the smell these places offer, and tada!

The real point, however, is that these are the only two places with a certain cool and quietness around. For active listening, which happens to be exactly what the interview is all about, one needs an environment free of distraction.
Distraction Alert: Kitchen - Food Spotted!
Alright, washroom it is then.

Pro Tip: Do the Padmasana over the closed Commode or upturned Bucket, and experience a heavy boost in presence of mind, no kidding!

Mirror: So That You Know How Stupid You Are

And realize the reason behind your joblessness. And reflect upon it!
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On a serious note, telephonic interviews lack direct human connection because of which a lot of aspects are overlooked. I stumbled upon this hack cause it can't be ever devised cause of being the most subtle and deeply influencing of all the hacks.

Looking at the mirror, at yourself, brings a sense of presence or company and subconsciously imparts a certain discipline. Also, actively looking at self and listening to the voices, yours and the interviewer's, can help analyze post-interview, better body language and expression, which will eventually show in interpersonal interactions.
Also, often our (bad) emotions like nervousness, frown, anger (if ever) can only be identified through facial expression by self and can be controlled in time to eventually evade any negative impact on the impression we impart. Looking at a smiling self-image also helps in boosting confidence.

If you are not convinced, read it again and notice the seriousness and to-the-point approach to convey this one point. There are many more subtle positives with sitting in front of the mirror while on phone.

The Mathematics of the Equation

So, with all the hacks combined to give the best shot to a telephonic interview, you'll find yourself sitting in a lotus position inside the washroom in front of the mirror talking to a stranger and smiling at yourself! If I may add, share these with your roommates, parents, or whoever you live with. Do I really have to tell you why!


Source: Pinterest


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